Updates on React Native Social App

Updated: May 15, 2020

Traffic Visions is pursuing the development of a Social App! The app will have similarities to platforms such as facebook, Instagram, youtube, Tik Tok, and even the Bible app!

Early Phase (Phase One)

Development is at a very early stage and those who wish to contribute please check out the contributor page on the Traffic Visions site. Currently we have a Front end & Back end developer who are working behind the scenes to create something dope! The project is being created using React Native, Node JS, & Firebase as a database/storage platform. Phase one is mostly to get the app running with a simple log in/log out function as well as news feed and chat set up. Don't hesitate to reach out so you can learn more!

Mock Ups

Mock ups are created with Adobe XD and Photoshop and more images will be shared upon contributors request. Also we can exchange information via Github!

#GraceHub #SocialApp #HelpWanted

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